Inspired By Learning

Inspired By Learning (IBL) is a contemporary, web-based, educational publishing company. In close partnership with educators – parents, teachers, trainers, lecturers, carers and others – IBL co-creates and sells printed and digital books through the Inspired By Learning web platform (

These pages provide the emerging IBL community and those interested in its growth with a space in which they can share ideas and develop their individual and common interests.

Through genuinely co-creative partnerships, IBL enables and supports educators who wish to express and share their insights and innovative practice. The desired outcomes are the creation and sharing of knowledge, the development of practice, and ultimately the expansion of individuals, groups and communities. Our part in this expansion, is the co-creation and publishing of books. Co-creation involves collaborative writing and all the required design, publication and printing processes. IBL also organises occasional events in varied locations.

An idea a day...
An idea a day…

If you want to join the IBL community’s discussions, please feel free to contribute comments to any of these pages and conversations.

If you are interested in taking an idea for a book forward, please register your interest via the IBL web site.

For more information on IBL and the vision that motivates us, please visit the IBL home page (Co-Create/Contact Us).

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