Assessment: Facing New Challenges


This book is a practical guide for primary/secondary school teachers and teacher educators, for those who are new to assessment as well as those who need to upgrade and integrate new information and concepts of assessment into their practices. It is bringing how-to and what together, so educators can evaluate, test and assess students’ performances more knowledgeably and effectively. 

This book has been written for all dedicated and reflective teachers who want to improve the process of assessment and who are looking for a practical, hands-on book. The audience are teachers who want to know more and apply more, whether they are in the process of learning about assessment for their formal study, or for their own professional interest. The book is also written for academics and students in teacher education. It hoped that what has been written will introduce teachers in Croatia to new ideas and challenges which they see not only as worthwhile but also as necessary.

 In ‘Assessment: Facing New Challenges’, Snjezana Pavic shares and discusses assessment practice in her school, in schools in Croatia, and provides important insights, examples and experiences of her colleagues working in schools all round the globe.

 In a comprehensive exploration, the author talks about the global context of educational change, about alternative assessment, self- and peer-assessment, about using rubrics in the process of assessment, about feedback to students, how to manipulate students’ academic and non-academic achievements and about techniques, types and principles of assessment.  

About the Author

Snjezana Pavic was born in 1965, graduated English language and literature and Russian language and literature at the Faculty of Arts in Zagreb. Since 1991 she has been working in upper primary classes in Popovaca. In 2008 she was promoted to teacher mentor and in 2013 to teacher advisor. 

Ever since she started to work she has felt connected to students and assumes that ’a child in her’ helps her understand children and establish easy communication with them. She sees children as little, wise, creative, spontaneous and openhearted people.

 She is a mother of two, a son and a daughter (15 and 18). They are not only her inspirations but critical friends too.

Snjezana Pavic has been a continuous professional developer (CPD) in her county since 2003.Her role and the role of other CPDs is to organize and conduct educational meetings for teachers and to link schools and Teacher Training Agency and implement current issues important for the improvement of education in Croatia.

Snjezana has designed and led several workshops and lectures throughout Croatia at the interstate, bilateral, national and county levels. She has also conducted Action Research and published the findings on stimulating creativity in English classes. She has published professional articles on improving the process of teaching and on professional training of teachers. She has also published teaching materials and written several reviews for the publishing houses. She has participated in many projects. 

Snjezana enjoys her professional growth and development as much as she enjoys the process of implementation in the classrooms. She is determined to promote her professional competencies and methodological expertise and disseminate skills and knowledge to educators. She believes that the improvement of the quality of teaching of an individual teacher can develop systems that create conditions for the improvements of all teachers. Therefore she feels strong urge to upgrade her skills and knowledge and face new professional achievements. In the context of her learning activities, special interest and big professional challenge has always been assessment and evaluation.

All these activities made her become a confident lecturer with developed professional and social competences.  

In 2003 she was appointed a permanent court interpreter for English and Russian languages by the President of the County Court.

2 thoughts on “Assessment: Facing New Challenges”

  1. Drago mi je da je netko posvetio pažnju ovoj temi, jer nam je svima vrlo problematična. Jedva čekam da knjiga bude gotova.

  2. Marijana, drago mi je da se napokon virtualno susrećemo :-).
    I ja željno očekujem pročitati vašu knjigu – rekla sam ravnatelju da ću proučiti poduzetništvo, ali još nisam, čekam vašu knjigu.
    Ocjenjivanje je tema o kojoj se malo govori, a kada se i govori, onda se previše teoretizira, ne radi se dovoljno s primjerima iz prakse, u razredu. Toliko mi je u toj temi bilo nejsasnoća da sam morala sama sebi razjasniti… počela sam se intenzivno baviti 2010.

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