School Cooperative: Entrepreneurial Learning in Action

Screenshot_25_01_2013_20_50In ‘School Cooperative: Entrepreneurial Learning in Action’ one of the lead teachers for entrepreneurial learning describes the work of a pupils’ cooperative at an elementary school in Croatia as an example of good practice. This book is of interest to anyone who has been, is, or wishes to be involved in enterprise and entrepreneurial learning in schools. As well as outlining the key elements of good practice, Marijana Vrančić argues for cooperatives in principle and policy.

 One of the lead teachers for entrepreneurial learning presents the organization of her work within teams and the manufacturing process which the pupils themselves designed and implemented. ‘School Cooperative: Entrepreneurial Learning in Action’ describes the skills and knowledge acquired in a school cooperative work. The book contains instructions for the establishment of school cooperatives and outlines didactic methodology for work. It discusses and argues for cooperatives to feature in educational policy in Croatia and throughout Europe.

Marijana Vrančić was born in 1962. She is a teacher in the Primary School Prečko in Zagreb.

She finished High school in Vukovar and graduated from The Faculty of Teacher Education of the University of Zagreb. 

At the beginning of her career, she worked as a teacher in combined classroom. She also acquired valuable teacher’s experience working two years with the pupils with special needs. 

 While working in school, she puts special emphasis on research and  implementation of active teaching methods and activities aimed at fostering pupils’ intelectual, emotional and social needs. 

 She leads ICT section designed for the elementary school pupils (age 7 to 11).  She is also leader of School Cooperative in her school, where, together with her colleagues – leaders of sections, works on development of entrepreneurial competences in school practice. 

 During the last three years, she leads the demonstrative workshops for pupils, as well as teachers training workshops designed for introducing entrepreneurial learning in primary schools, within the projects supported and organized by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts. 

 She lives in Zagreb. She is married, has two daughters.

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